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A chemistry teacher dying of cancer cooks up 99% pure blue meth and sells it to pay for his medical bills.  It sounds rather depressing, but the Breaking Bad series has pushed television’s boundaries, resulting in 58 award nominations and 28 industry awards in just five short years.  The on-point acting, unpredictable story line, and suspense-filled scenes have made Breaking Bad a series you do not want to miss.  Whether you are a long-time fan, or you are just getting started, a couple of quick texts and a few calls will send the whole gang rushing over to your house for a Netflix marathon of all five seasons.  But what’s a party without a professionally prepared three-course meal? The Chefstro chefs have created a menu that will add a whole new dimension to your viewing experience, bringing to life the most notable episodes and characters from the series, and creating an environment that encourages the ever-popular combination of food and friends.


The first course will feature several reminders of some of the most unforgettable characters in Breaking Bad.  A Chilean Fish Stew appetizer will pay tribute to Gus Fring’s Chilean roots. As one of the most prominent meth distributers in the Southwest United States, Gus became Walter White’s go-to buyer for his chemically pure meth in seasons 2 and 3. In season 3, episode 11, after establishing a partnership, Gus invites Walt over to his home and prepares freshly cooked fish stew for him.  Chefstro will bring your guests and you a go-to stew that will never fail to satisfy the high demand for deliciousness.

stew1ustv_breaking-bad3The second appetizer picks up on Jesse Pinkman’s obsession with Funyuns with the preparation of Southwest Spiced Onion Rings.  Since the first season we have watched Jesse’s love for Funyuns flourish.  When Walt puts Jesse in charge of buying food for their expedition to the desert in season 2, episode 9, Jesse brings along three bags of Funyuns, declaring that, “Funyuns are awesome!”  This casual, yet flavorful appetizer will have you shouting the same thing after your first bite.


Inspired by Tuco’s burrito dish in season 2, episode 2, the third appetizer, mini burritos, will include a tasty combination of poblano, jalpeño, green chili peppers and potato filling, topped off with cilantro crema and a sweet corn salad.  Unlike Tuco Salamanca, the most powerful and respected drug kingpin, you will not have to worry about the possibility of poisonous ricin in your mini burrito.  Tuco’s violence encouraged Walt to plan an attack on Tuco while they were stranded in Uncle Hector’s cabin.  The attack proved unsuccessful; however, Chefstro’s burritos are sure to deliver a powerful attack of savory flavor, intoxicating your taste buds with pure satisfaction.

tuco-in-breaking-bad-picture DSC_0151-2

Next up, Chefstro will serve you and your friends a main entrée of Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Hash and Wilted Greens.  This dish takes Gus Fring’s restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos, to the next level.  Using the finest ingredients, your Chefstro chef will season chicken with cumin, lime, cilantro, and smoky paprika, and then slow cook it to perfection, producing a zesty, southwest flavor.  Los Pollos Hermanos claim in their commercial, “one taste… and you’ll know.”  Of course you won’t have to worry about finding meth in your basket of chicken… we will save that for dessert.

Los_PollosWalt’s wife, Skylar White, provides the inspiration for the first dessert of the night.   A home baked Dulce de Leche Cupcake topped with Sea Salt Caramel Whipped Cream juxtaposes salty and sweet flavors.  Skylar embodies these two characteristics throughout the series.  After finding out about Walt’s status as a meth manufacturer, she releases her salty spirit as she insists on a getting a divorce.  At the same time, she puts on a sweet exterior, ensuring that her husband’s secret will be kept hidden from the public eye.  As you bite into this cupcake, you will taste the complexity of the two emotions.  The dulce de leche flavor ties into the classic southwest flair that unifies all three courses.

Skyler_White2 6129396054_5a59312ce6_o

Last, but not least, your chef will serve Sweet Blue “Meth” 99% pure Rock Candy so you and your guests will not leave this party empty handed.  You will be hooked instantly, guaranteeing that you will have to plan another Breaking Bad marathon night again soon.


The Chefstro team would love to give you one Breaking Bad-ass night featuring this unique signature menu.  Gather your friends and don’t miss your chance to enjoy the Chefstro’s New Exclusive fine-dining experience.

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