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Chef Jeffery Burgess Delivers in No Time Flat

Because we send them into kitchens they’ve never seen before, Chefstro chefs need to adapt to their surroundings and produce restaurant-quality meals even in modest kitchens. That’s why our rigorous vetting process includes a Tiny Kitchen Trial. We ask each chef to prepare a stunning meal in one of our apartments.

There they face limited counter space, a scarcity of professional cooking tools, and – maybe worst of all – electric stoves! Only those chefs who rise to the challenge and produce amazing food despite these limitations are invited to join the Chefstro network.

Chef Jeff Burgess

In this first installment of Tiny Kitchen Trials, we share the unforgettable meal Chef Jeffery Burgess created for us in one of our apartments. He blew us away with the flavors, creativity, and beautiful plating of his dishes. Even more impressive, he did it all in just 90 minutes!

He started things off with a light, refreshing scallop crudo.

Scallop Crudo

The star of the meal was pistachio-crusted halibut, served on a bed of roasted potatoes.

Pistachio-Crusted Halibut

Chef Burgess topped it all off with chocolate-coated cherries and yogurt. Moments like this make work feel like a guilty pleasure.

Chocolate-coated Cherries and Yogurt

Our kitchens may not be pretty, but they do highlight what our professional chefs can accomplish in limited space . . . and time!

Chef Burgess at work in our tiny kitchen

Clearly, Chef Burgess developed razor-sharp skills during his time in Europe and his training under Mario Batali. If he can produce stunning cuisine in our kitchen, he can do it anywhere!

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